Our Story:
Born and raised in Chicago, Well-Made World was created by a trio of students driven by the idea that the true impact of your purchases should be freely available and completely understandable. We call this idea radical transparency, and we are committed to advocating for radically transparent companies and products which are leading the way towards a Well-Made World.
Our Mission:
2021 will be the start of the sustainability renaissance. Almost every day, we see innovative and fresh environmentally and socially conscious products driving change as kinder alternatives to everyday products. We've embarked on an important mission; to make cause-driven shopping simple, easy, and accessible.
Our Methodology:
We do the work, you do the shopping. ‍

Every product in our marketplace is carefully selected and evaluated based on its sustainable qualities so you can feel confident that your purchase is making a real impact based on what YOU value. We evaluate every partners' certifications, materials used, and overall supply-chain transparency, screening out "greenwashed" products or products that only appear sustainable.


Proud partner of Depaul University's Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at the Kellstadt School of Business
Well-Made World is a proud member of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program

Meet The Team

Ayu Nabilah
Co-founder, People
Ed Preusser
Co-founder, Finance
Eric Wright
Co-founder, Creative